We help the Earth


The implementation of green practices to make use of ecofriendly production systems poses a challenge for today’s companies, which need to face the reduction of their activities’ environmental impact to ensure they grow and thrive. In this regard, the Profiltubi group has been striving for years to radically change its departments’ management with a view to enhance environmental sustainability.

Given the firm’s growing interest in environmental concerns, its machinery and manufacturing systems are now mainly powered by self-generated renewable energy supplied by the photovoltaic panels installed on the plant’s roof.

Reduction of our environmental impact

Driven by a strong sense of responsibility and eager to contribute to the well-being of the Planet, the company has started to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. In this regard, in 2021 Profiltubi has achieved the EPD declaration stating the firm’s resource consumption (amount of energy and raw materials) for tubes’ production.

Periodic measurements

During the same year, Profiltubi has started to regularly measure several KPIs, namely its carbon footprint, estimating the amount of greenhouse gas released in the atmosphere, and water footprint, estimating freshwater consumption.

For us it’s fundamental to have a clear picture of our activities’ environmental impact throughout their whole value chain. Therefore, we can easily identify the areas where there are more opportunities for improvement.