History shapes the future

Our history

The foundations of the Profiltubi group were laid in 1971 when the Alfieri family established the company in Reggiolo to manufacture electro-welded carbon steel tubes. At the beginning, the whole production process was carried out by three machines entirely developed by the Alfieri family.

The first years in business have been characterized by a strong and fast growth. As a result, after only 10 years, the firm was already considered as one of the leading players on the domestic and foreign steel market also thanks to its 6 production lines and 2 slitters.

The Profiltubi group’s continuous expansion and consolidation since the 80s has led to the doubling of the production site, the widening of the product range, and the processing of new kinds of steel tubes, among which galvanized and pickled pipes, through the implementation of a specific production line.

In 2020 Auctus Capital partners AG took on a controlling interest in the company and started cooperating with the historic Alfieri family, who are now minority shareholders holding key management positions, to ensure continuity with the past.
The entry of this new investor partner has marked the beginning of an ambitious growth plan both in terms of human resources and equipment aiming at confirming Profiltubi as one of the most important carbon steel manufacturers on the world scene.

In September 2021, the firm acquired 100% of the shares of O.M.V. Ventura, specialized in the production of precision tubes mostly employed in the automotive sector. The O.M.V. Ventura acquisition is part of Profiltubi’s industrial plan to broaden its product range and strengthen its international presence.



The Alfieri family founded Profiltubi S.p.a.


Implementation of 6 production lines and 2 slitters


Establishment of a new production line for galvanized and pickled tubes


The entry of Auctus Capital partners AG as a new investor partner


Profiltubi has acquired 100% of the shares of O.M.V. Ventura

Our Values


For over 50 years, the Profiltubi group has been pursuing the goal of achieving the highest quality standards for its products. The company has always given great care and attention to each step in the production process, in particular, in the selection of top-quality raw materials, the employment of state-of-the-art systems, and the promotion of constant staff training. The firm has been operating with ongoing commitment to provide tubes of the highest quality. Profiltubi’s manufacturing procedures are certified under the EN-ISO 9001 standard, and its goods are CE-marked.


Profiltubi does not only stands for quality, but also for reliable and efficient service. Indeed, the firm is able to execute all orders quickly and keep the terms of the agreements with its customers.
The group has always been committed to build mutual trust with customers to allow both to expand their business together.

People and safety

Human resources represent the main pillars on which enterprises are built. The Profiltubi group strongly believes that top-quality products are the result of the integration of cutting-edge manufacturing systems with the care and attention every single person brings to their work.

The company has always been investing in motivation and constant professional training and development. As people form the core foundation of Profiltubi’s long-term business, the protection of their safety represents one of its core values. Over time the firm has allocated further resources to increase the workplace safety and adapt its machinery and manufacturing procedures to the EU safety criteria. In addition, Profiltubi has been the first steel tube manufacturer in Italy to obtain the OHSAS 18001:1999 safety at work certification.

Environmental sustainability

The Profiltubi group strives to run its business in a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable way. For this reason, its production systems are now mainly powered by self-generated renewable energy supplied by the photovoltaic panels installed on the plant’s roof.

Furthermore, driven by a strong sense of responsibility, the company has been doing everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. In this regard, Profiltubi has achieved the EPD declaration in 2021 together with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification for the “Production of cold-formed electro-welded steel hollow sections – Commercial distribution of steel product”.


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