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The Profiltubi group is located in Reggiolo, in Reggio Emilia, where its production plant occupies a site of more than 130,000 m2 with buildings of more than 55,000 m2. The company has been operating in the steel industry for 50 years and is specialized in the manufacture of electro-welded carbon steel tubes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet customers’ demands.

Thanks to its skills and expertise, its efficient working processes, and its latest-generation technologies today Profiltubi plays a key role in the steel sector both at the national and international level.

la nostra storia Profiltubi spa
la nostra storia Profiltubi spa
la nostra storia Profiltubi spa


For the Earth and people’s future

Environmental sustainability forms Profiltubi’s core foundation.
The group has always invested in its workforce vocational training and health protection. In addition, the company has been pursuing the goal of reducing its activities’ environmental impact by increasing the employment of self-generated renewable energy. To streamline the number of exploited resources and limit energy consumption, Profiltubi has been monitoring a series of strategical KPIs for years.


Experimentation and innovation

In the international steel industry, the Profiltubi group has always distinguished itself for its constant commitment to the research of new products and the testing of innovative steel types.

Over time, the firm has expanded the range of manufactured tubes with the aim of meeting the needs of an ever-changing market. Nowadays, Profiltubi focuses on the production of carbon steel black, pickled, galvanized, and precision tubes.

produzione e vendita tubi strutturali Reggiolo Italia preventivo prezzo
Produzione e vendita tubi di precisione Reggiolo Italia preventivo prezzo
la nostra storia Profiltubi spa
la nostra storia Profiltubi spa


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