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We strongly believe that business and production activities should be carried out in a socially and ecologically responsible way. That’s why our manufacturing systems are mainly powered by self-generated renewable energy supplied by the photovoltaic panels installed on our plant’s roof.

Furthermore, driven by a strong sense of responsibility, we have been doing everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. In this regard, Profiltubi has achieved the EPD declaration in 2021 together with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification for the “Production of cold-formed electro-welded steel hollow sections – Commercial distribution of steel product”.

The EPD Declaration certifies products’ environmental performances and the impact they have on the Earth’s ecosystem during their whole lifecycle. This document takes into account significant factors (e.g.: the amount of energy and raw materials consumed, air emissions, garbage production, and discharges in water bodies) objectively assessing each production stage’s energy and environmental loads.

Growing consumers’ concern for safety, quality, and product origin has led our team to maintain its longtime approach focused on social and local responsibility. Profiltubi has taken advantage of the sustainability, care for the environment, and innovation characterizing its industrial activities to obtain important certifications and widen their areas of interest. In this way, the firm has further enhanced the sustainability of the whole production process by thoroughly monitoring each activity, even those carried out by its partners.

Moreover, since 2020 our company has been measuring numerous KPI’s annually, for example, its carbon and water footprint, engaging in introducing ever more binding measures.

For us it’s fundamental to have a clear picture of our activities’ environmental impact throughout their whole value chain. Therefore, we can easily identify the areas where there are more opportunities for improvement.

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We operate in compliance with strict safety standards and criteria for the production of high-quality tubes and the protection of our team’s health. We always aim at guaranteeing our tubes’ reliability and the reduction of our environmental impact.

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